All Circumstances for Car Loans Explained


When is coming to getting a car finance, carloan4u will be considered everyone as an individual. Because everyone credit history is different. We can get people accept for credit, excellent credit profile to very poor credit profile. Excellent credit profile meaning they never missed a payment for mortgage, credit card, bills and never had a default, CCJ, bankrupt. Average credit profile will be someone have missed a few payment, no CCJ or default thought. The very poor credit profile will be miss many payments on their mortgage, have some default and few CCJ. They are looking at about 35-40% APR which is a lot if you still want to get loans.


If you want an even cheaper car finance rate, it will be better to have a big deposit about 20% of the vehicle. The car has to be within 3 years old and the car dealership must hold a consumer credit license.

Nowadays, if people want to shop for a new or used car, they go online to AutoTrader website. It is very easy and simple to do. Not like the old days, people go to a car dealer and ask about how fast it goes and what size the engine is.

We can finance cars, motorbike, pickup trucks, vans, caravan, etc. To be honest, anything with wheels. Our service is available throughout the whole of the UK.

The result can be feedback to you within 1-12 hours. If you are eager to find out your result, we have new features online so the customer can log into the system and find out their status.

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